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ENJOY THE DIRECTOR'S PROMO VIDEO of: Kyle Marshall, today's exciting new Christian artist needs your help! Please support "The Power of The One" EP Project with your generous donation TODAY! "Music for Him... Life for Us..."

"The Power of The One" EP Fundraiser Budget Goal: $10,000

    • Band ($5000.00): Allows for live band recording and engineering of sessions.  
    • Vocals ($3,500.00): Allows for 9 vocalists for recording and engineering of the sessions. 
    • Mixing ($1,000.00): Allows for mixing of 3 of 5 songs. Other songs are being paid by Kyle Marshall. 
    • Mastering ($500.00): Allows for the partial mastering of 3 of 5 songs. Other songs are being paid by Kyle Marshall.
    • Product CDs ($0): Paid by Kyle Marshall.
    • Marketing:  ($0): Paid by Kyle Marshall. 

    Thank You Gifts from Kyle Marshall:

    1.  $10.00 Gift: A personal thank you letter
    2. $25.00 Gift: An Instagram shout-out
    3. $50.00 Gift: An Instagram shout-out and early delivery of The Power of The One EP
    4. $100.00 Gift: #2, #3, and a personal email video
    5. $250.00 Gift: #4 and VIP seating at The Power of The One Release Party* 
    6. PAY FOR THE MASTERING! ($500.00): #5 and Signed copy of The Power of The One EP
    7. PAY FOR THE MIXING! ($1000.00): #6 and Dinner with Kyle Marshall! 
    8. PAY FOR THE VOCALS! ($3,500.00): #7 and studio session access** 
    9. PAY FOR THE BAND! ($5,000): #8 and FREE PERSONAL CONCERT*** 
    10. THE ENTIRE ENCHILADA! ($10,000.00): WOW!!! #8 and a huge hug! There's no way I can beat what you've done! 

    *Release party date and venue To Be Decided  in 2014
    **Studio is currently in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. No transportation will be provided to venue.
     Please contact for more information